Katie (uralpanda) wrote,


Somehow nowdays it's time to think about future plans, time is going by, circumstances are changing. We had a great professional period in our lives, it's amazing and very pleasant that our work is now used by many of our countrymen. Time to go further, and one of possible options is to try applying to work abroad. Actually I almost do not doubt that my competence and experience will be appreciated in the right way, there are possibilities, may be I could apply in the international company. Somehow I have no family and no obligations here, and, it seems, nothing holds me here. But :))) I always wanted to live abroad, but yesterday I was driving in our small green city, it was lovely sunny day... and I realized that I love my town and probably will miss it. I won't go overseas for the money - I'm well-paid specialist, I'd rather like to live in warm nice climat, safe country, communicate with friendly people... But Moscow is a quite usual megalopolis nowdays, same as NY, or Bangkok... And right now I'm trying to understand - who am I, where's my place, what is my fortune. Seeking for wisdom to understand that :))) And thanking my life for everything that was and that will be.
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