Katie (uralpanda) wrote,

Lady Gaga "Money Honey"

А Леди Гага оказывается такая артистка... По-моему она взяла имидж в аспекте эпатажности от Мадонны, но это выглядит хорошо.

It's good to live expensive you know it but
My knees get weak, intensive
When you give me k-kisses
That's money honey
When I'm your lover and your mistress
That's money honey
When you touch me it's so delicious
That's money honey
Baby when you tear me to pieces
That's money honey

You know I appreciate the finer things
But it's not what makes me happiest baby
(I can do without it babe)
Your tender loving's more than I can handle
Never burn out this candle baby, baby
Tags: Музыка

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