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Заглянула в кои-то веки в статистику хитов...
С какого-то IP для внутренних сетей (192.168...) читают подряд мой ЖЖ с 2003 года. Я попробовала пройти за интересующимся и посмотреть, что же я там писала - боже, мне так стыдно за все эти написанные глупости :) Глупый наивный самоуверенный ребёнок, да и сейчас такая же практически. Надеюсь на единственное - что читающему это доставило хоть какое-то удовольствие.

Upd. Хост принялся в очередной раз перечитывать 2003 год :)))) Дорогой друг, оставь хоть один коммент, расскажи о себе, я ж хочу знать своих фанов.

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ну, эта сетка может быть вообще где угодно )

ты айтишник ведь да? Не объяснишь мне, в каких случаях счётчик не может определить реальный IP, просто интересно стало :)

Katie, Katie. I red your 2003-present records in LJ. Maybe somebody else also did but I can state only for myself. So I did. About external IP. Our Chinese and Indian IT guys are pretty smart and I am sure they configured our IPs the way you see them.

Ah your personal characteristics.
Sorry but I do not want to discuss your own words towards your past and present personaliy. Sometimes silence is more powerful than words and you ought to know this the best.

About me liking/disliking reading you. It is interesting, nostalgic and pleasurable. Keep writing. I am going to read you as long as I am still me. Hopefully it will last long. As long as I live ...

Stay in peace and keep ignoring :)

Ты ошибаешься, у тебя обычный IP Торонто, Канада
Прошу здесь мне не придумывать ничего и не врать
Ты же понимаешь, что ты сюда пишешь только до тех пор, пока ведёшь себя хорошо. Малейшая вещь, которая мне не понравится, и будет бан. Предупреждение тебе.

Thanks for warnings. Appreciate.

About Toronto IP. I really do not know about it. Yesterday I made a comment from home computer which most likely has Toronto IP due to my provider policy.

But when I was listing your previous entries I was doing it from work. It is possible that this will show Toronto IP too. I do not know. I guessed it does not show Toronto IP.

What I wanted to say here that I red your page. And maybe somebody else did it too and you noticed that somebody else's IP. But I do not know about this.

You can continue thinking of me as a liar even if I say that Plain Yogurt is white. I do not blame you for this. Look above. I said thanks and appreciate.

What I will do today. I will look again your past entries , for instance couple of days in 2004. And I will do it at a designated time 9 AM Eastern US and Canada (GMT - 5).

And if you are still interested you can have a look in your history to see what you have there. Standard Toronto IP or something else.

Of course you may think of me that I changed IP and red or I asked somebody to do so or even more evil. Your right. I cannot make me believe in a single word coming out of my mouth or out under from my hands. And I do not even thrive to do so. What I wanted to do a while ago is to read your previous Katie, remember things that happened, remember scars that I left and stuff and even if you do not believe that it was me go ahead, but I remember the single word I red and that is the most important thing for me :)

Stay in peace and if you are not sure of banning me or not better ban me. But please ban my postings and not accessing your page. Let me at least read you.

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