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Мне никто ничего не должен, никто не обязан делать то, что я хочу, в том числе и мужчины, которых я люблю.

Озарение №2 - точно так же и я никому ничего не должна.

Всё это в совокупности называется не цинизмом, а свободой [от обид на других и на себя].

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Apply for the most awesomest commmunity, Toxic Beauty!


[•]Do NOT post if you are not stamped. If you do, and decide to be a smartass you are automatically banned. :)
[•]If you say "no" to someone, please state a reason. Dont say "just because" or ".".
[•]Regular users be HARSH. Dont have sympathy if they dont have it what it takes.
[•]New users that are planning to apply please put "Do I have what it takes?". If you dont you're going to be banned. :)
[•]You must be older than fourteen.
[•]PLEASE, use correct grammar. If you decide to type "lYk DiZ" I will ban you. :)
[•]If you get a no from someone dont bitxh and moan about it. it's not our fault you're ugly or have a horrible personality.
[•]PLEASE put EVERYTHING behind a cut.
[•]Please stay active. VOTE AND PROMOTE. :)


Ten <3Bands:
Five HATE Bands:
Five Movies:
Three Books:
Significant Other?:
Favorite Song?:
Why should we accept you?:
What do you think of the mods?:
Who did you promote this community to and who promoted it to you?:
Give us a 100x100 just incase you're accepted.
Four or more pictures:

Умом-то я это давно понимаю, но не всегда ощущаю всей душой

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